Ms. Nermine Shehab

Ms. Nermine Shehab

CSR Manager - The National Bank of Egypt

Ms. Nermine Shehab Eldine is Head of Marketing, Corporate Communication, and CSR at the National Bank of Egypt.
She was Executive manager for Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt in 2005.

She has received the following certificates and diplomas: –

– International Marketing from INSEAD International Business School in France.
– Planning and managing public relations from “Informa Middle East” in Dubai (IIR).
– How to launch the successful product and maintain the brand status from “Informa Middle East” in Dubai (IIR).
Since taking charge of the marketing sector, Nermine Shehab Eldine has changed the mental image of the bank and consolidate its position and enhance its mental image as it is the largest and oldest bank working on continuous communication with its customers either through direct contact, the development of branches and marketing campaigns and advertising with the latest methods and marketing strategies to keep up with the Technology. She Has succeeded in launching several advertising campaigns, the most famous of which are ” قوم اطمن علي فلوسك ” to encourage customers to join the banking system from the standpoint of financial inclusion and reflected on the preparation of accounts and new customers who joined the bank. As well as the “مكانك مش هنا” campaign for small and medium enterprises, which was reflected positively on the SME sector figures.
On the other hand, she managed the portfolio of donations, which was estimated at 121 million pounds in 2012 until it reached in the last six years since her supervision of the sector to more than 4 billion pounds with changing its concept to become contributions to the CSR with the strategic sustainability. The contributions of the National Bank of Egypt represented in the versions fields health and education, combating poverty, developing slums and supporting youth and sports So, The National Bank of Egypt became the largest and most important economic entity in Egypt in contributing to the areas of social responsibility which made the National Bank of Egypt awarded the Best Arab Bank Award for 2018 by the International Federation of Arab Bankers and the Gold Excellence Medal from the Arab Organization for Community Responsibility.

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