Mr. Moaz Yassin

Mr. Moaz Yassin

Radio Presenter

Moaz Yassen is a professional impressionist, singer, and voice over artist. He started his career as an entertainer at the age of 10 with participating in kids show on Majid Kids TV, Mekkah TV, and Huda TV Channel.

After that, he came back stronger on social media by sharing videos of himself imitating National Geographic voice over artists and celebrities which got millions of views, further, he presented couple of shows on social media, such as: “Khabaren Al Mashe” with Diwan Institute as well as “Eh elKalam”. Then started to record TV ads with his voice and cooperating with big names, such as: KFC, KitKat, Hyundai, and Rexona.

On the other hand, he started working with NRJ Radio in 2019 to host his first show “Mesh Metakhar Awy” followed by “Bara El Magara”. In 2021 Moaz commenced his Journey in Nogoum FM Radio to host “El Mawa’f” show.

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